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Introducing you to Mrs. Jean Cooper (the lady in the above picture). Mrs. Cooper is not a member of the ABA but she contacted one of our members Bill Miller about this swarm that was hanging low on a branch. Bill sent this picture in to the ABA with this statement, "Initially, she thought the swarm was hazardous. The picture came about after I told her that swarms are docile and I would get her picture with it if she wished. You can tell by her expression that she wasn’t sure the swarm would be docile, but it was. Jean is a good friend."

Bill is a perfect example of an Alabama Beekeeper Association member. He is always ready to help others when they are in need and willing to teach members and non-memmbers alike about the importance of the honeybee. When you join the ABA you will be connected with a vast network of individuals that are located in your state. Just like Bill they are willing to make a difference in your life. That is perhaps the greatest value that your membership will bring you.

We have the most knowledgeable beekeeping authorities from across the country come to share what they know about honeybees. It is a place where anyone came come and learn more about beekeeping and the honeybee that they would ever think was possible. From beginner classes designed to introduce you to beekeeping to becoming a Master Beekeeper through our Master program, you can learn as much, or as little, about beekeeping from the ABA as you want to learn.

And yes, the camaraderie! Coming together to listen to the great speakers, the free door prizes, shopping at the vendors that come from all over (and having your orders delivered to the event for FREE!), the delicious meals that are provided, it’s just a great, large, informative coming together of Alabama Beekeepers!

It is impossible to attend an ABA meeting and not learn something new!

We publish a Bimonthly newsletter, the Stinger. The Stinger is full of information on honeybees. Also, all members receive a Calendar with event, club meeting information and contact information of the States Bee Inspectors.

You will also receive a roster with members information for times you may need help.

You will also be able to vote for Board members at the Fall Conference and will be eligible to serve on the ABA Board as an Officer or Director.

Catching a swarm is one of the favorite parts of beekeeping. Most beekeepers love to catch swarms because they are docile and easy to remove. As a member you can have your information put on a swarm list to remove a swarm.

Below is the ABA Membership form. We hope that you will take the time to fill out the form and become a member. It is simple and secure.

The Alabama Beekeeping Association began in 1922. It has evolved into a large eclectic group comprised of small hobby beekeepers all the way to large scale honey production farms. Beyond the friendships that you will gain as an ABA member, the ABA plans two annual meetings in the Spring and Fall of every year. The Spring meeting is coordinated with the Auburn Extension Center. These meetings offer information and classes from the biology of the honeybee, trends in beekeeping to the best plants for maximum honey flow. There is also demonstrations about products of the hive. The ABA sends an electronic edition of the Stinger – a bi-monthly publication that keeps the beekeeper up to date with what is happening around the State as well as what actions to take in the hives at the current season. The ABA Board spends a lot of time to bring valuable information to the membership. While there are local beekeeping chapters, all beekeepers know that every beekeeper is different and nothing can compare to the knowledge gained by sharing stories and tricks of the trade. Your ABA membership will allow for learning that is a compliment to your local beekeeping chapter. The ABA hopes to see you at our next Seasonal meeting in Clanton, Alabama.