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Environmental Studies Center

Troy Latham is a member of the ABA and teacher at the Environmental Studies Center (ESC).  At the ESC he does a pollinator program for students and adults using open hive demonstrations, a beekeeping museum, flower dissections and pollinator scavenger hunts. Troy is also a southern districit represen...


Cell Punching

Usually at least twice a year you can find Wil Montgomery doing one of his Cell Punch classes at the annual beekeeping conferences. Wil has been doing this demonstration and has been using this method for many years. The picture is from him doing the demonstration at the Young Harris Institute.


ABA Thanks Bob

The Alabama Beekeepers Association would like to thank Bob Fanning for all the years of work that was put into the associations website.  His service has been much help to the association and the regional associations.  Bob created sites for many of the local associations and pushed to make sure...


The ABA Stinger - June 2020

Download Here...

Hightlights in this issue:

Page 1 - Letter from the President
Page 2 & 3 - Letter from the Vice President
Page 4 - Letter from Secretary & Treasurer
Page 5 & 6 - Bee Stings & Covid, Glimmers...


ABA on Facebook

The Alabama Beekeepers Association has a new Facebook page.  We will be keeping this page up to date with new articles and events from the best of the web.  Check it out at


26th Annual Alabama Beekeepers Symposium

Our annual beekeeping symposium will not be stopped by a virus! Join us from the comfort of your home for an online symposium delivering talks on up to date beekeeping practices.

For our 26th year we will feature how-to talks on Products From The Hive to help our beekeepers expand their product lines beyond honey. The Hive Maintenance ta...