Pictured above is our Stinger Editor, Lonnie Funderburg: past President and winner of the ABA beekeeper of the year for 2009 .

The stinger is the newsletter for the Alabama Beekeepers Association.     It is normally published bi-monthly and distributed to all association members.    To minimize the strain on the Association budget (and to free up funds for other things like free food at conventions and picnics) EMAIL delivery is preferred but not required.    If you are a member of the Alabama Beekeepers Association and do not now receive the stinger by email and would like to, please click here.

If you are a member of the Alabama Beekeepers Association and are not receiving your copy  of the stinger (Email or USPO)please contact Lonnie Funderburg.

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The Stinger is published for the benefit of our members.    Information generated by or related to our members is always of the utmost interest.    You are encouraged to participate by submitting fact, tip and or stories of interest regarding your regional association or beekeeping in general

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**There is no link provided to the most current issue of the Stinger because it is only available to ABA members.   If you are a member and did not receive your copy, or would like to join the ABA please contact Bonnie Funderburg.



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