Miscellaneous Beekeeping Related Classes

The classes listed below are offered by individual members or a group of members of the Alabama Beekeepers Association on their own and are not in any way sponsored, managed, controlled or financed by the Alabama Beekeepers Association nor does the Alabama Beekeepers Association have any financial interest.    The Alabama Beekeepers Association is not responsible for any content or other matters relative to or resulting from these classes.     Attendees must understand that they are attending at their own risk.  

Any member of the Alabama Beekeepers Association may submit a request for a beekeeping class listing.   All listings are subject to review by the Alabama Beekeepers Association Board of Directors before publishing.    All applications will be reviewed and decided upon based on their contribution to beekeeping in general and The Alabama Beekeepers Association reserves the right to reject any application with or without a stated cause.

The Alabama Beekeepers Association strongly recommends that all classes be offered at a "NO CHARGE" basis.    The intend of all classes should be to "teach" and not "for profit".    These matters will be strongly considered when determining whether or not a class will be listed.

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 This basic beekeeping class does not meet the requirements of the Alabama Master Beekeepers lecture series.  


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