Regional beekeeping classes

The below listed classes are available to anyone interested in getting started in beekeeping or is simply curious about honeybees and beekeeping

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The intent of this page is to list all beginners beekeeping classes that are offered by any of the affiliated regional beekeeping associations.

NOTICE: If you are working toward becoming an Alabama Certified Master Beekeeper, these classes do not meet the requirements of the Alabama Master Beekeepers lecture series.  

If you are a member of an affiliated regional beekeeping association and know of any planned classes, please send dates, times, location, sponsoring organization, point of contact (preferably email or phone number), URL of your Webpages (if your association has a Webpage) and any other class related information to the Webmaster.

The following organizations have notified the Webmaster of the following classes.   
Associations are listed in the order they were reported to the webmaster.

Tri County Beekeepers Association

(Fayette, Lamar and Marion Counties; Alabama)

2018 Beekeepers School 

  • Session #1: Tuesday, March 6th, 7-9 PM
    “Getting Started in Beekeeping” (Randall Carter) & “Basic Beekeeping Equipment”
    (Greg Yates, Jimmy Butler, Randall Carter).
  • Session #2: Saturday, March 10th, 1-3 PM
    “Lighting a Smoker and Keeping It Going” & “Cleaning Your Smoker” (Randall Carter); (Helpers: Jim Rooks, Sam Lowery, Jimmy Butler)
  • Session #3: Tuesday, March 13th, 7-9 PM
    “Lifecycle of the Honeybee” & “Honeybee Biology” (Vince Wallace and Jim Barry)
  • Session #4: Saturday, March 17th, 1-3 PM
    “Open Hive Inspection” (Greg and Mary Yates)
  • Session #5: Tuesday, March 20th, 7-9 PM
    “Diseases and Pest of Honeybees” (John Mynard) & “Beekeeper Clubs, Publications
    and Books” (Patti Butler)
  • Session #6: Tuesday, March 27th, 7-9 PM
    “Getting Your Honeybees” & “Harvesting and Extracting Honey” (Jerry Carter)
  • Session #7: Tuesday, April 3rd, 7-9 PM
    “Correct Honey Jar Labeling and Marketing Your Honey” (Wynelle Milstead) & “Other Honeybee Products from the Hive” (Patti Butler)

Pre- Registration Required

Club Members – Free; Non-Members - $20

All classes located at State Bank & Trust, 7370 Hwy 43, Guin, AL 35563

(except class #4 and it is located on Hwy 44, Guin)

For more information contact: Patti Butler 205-695-3779; Mary Yates 205-412-1961;

Charlene Taylor 205-698-0600

(Regular monthly club meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month from

7-8:30 PM at State Bank & Trust, 7370 Hwy 43, Guin, AL. 35563)

Click here for a map to meeting place

Special Thanks to State Bank & Trust for the use of their facilities!

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Chilton County Area

Beginner Beekeeping Course

Mondays, January 15 through March 5, from 6 to 8 pm

Clanton Recreation Center, 305 Lay Dam Road, Clanton, AL

 Cost: $40.00 per person which includes 2018 membership to Chilton County Beekeepers Assoc. Registration deadline is December 30, 2017, a late fee of $10.00 will be added after the cutoff date.

Space is limited so register early.


Textbook: ACES BACKYARD BEEKEEPING (ANR-135) Published by Alabama Cooperative Extension Services You can download free copy


Make check payable to Chilton County Beekeepers Association.

Click here for a registration form, Print and mail form for each person to:

   Larry Wyatt
CCBA President
2660 county road 42
Jemison, Al 35085


Class Schedule  

First Sessoin Who is a beekeeper? What is a “standard” honeybee hive? Larry Wyatt instructor, pages 1-3 & pages 6-9 (as ties into pages 15-21) January 15, 2018
Second Session What is the honeybee life and contribution to pollination? Stings. Don Short instructor, pages 3-6 & pages 1-2 (as ties into pages 15-21) January 22, 2018
Third Session How do you acquire honeybees? What tools & safety do beekeepers use? How does one get the honeybees into the hive? Terry Collier instructor, pages 8-12 (as ties into pages 15-21) January 29, 2018
Fourth Session How do the frames and comb change to allow honeybee survival? Is there excess honey to extract? —From install, first year versus second year, Bill Evans instructor, pages 12-15 February 5, 2018
Fifth Session How can beekeepers assist honeybees in feeding, housing and water? Gary Farmer instructor pages 15-19 & pages 37-40 February 12, 2018
Sixth What Pests, Parasites, Diseases can harm honeybees? Beth Taylor instructor, Pages 26-36 February 19, 2018
Seventh Session How do beekeepers determine when to harvest honey, pollen, wax or propolis? Beekeepers who breed more colonies to pollinate crops or to sell to other apiaries? Pages 20-25 February 26 2018
Eight Session Test & Certificate Presentation, Instructors available for Question/Answer Forum. March 5 , 2018


Houston County Area
Serving Houston, Coffee, Dale, and Henry counties

Wiregrass loge

This is a free class

Feb. 27, Mar. 6, 13, 20, Field Day March 24, 2018 

The course is free, and designed to supply a novice beekeeper with all the information needed to take a colony from it’s inception through its first year.     We only ask that you be interested in beekeeping.   The class is free, and open to all who are interested in beekeeping.

The classroom sessions will be held at the Houston County Extension Office, 1699 Ross Clark Circle.  They start at 7 pm and run for about 2 hours.   The field session will start at noon at Farm Center next to the Extension Office on the circle.

Recommended texts: First Lessons in Beekeeping by Keith Delaplane; The Beekeeper’s Handbook, 4th Edition by Diane Sammataro

Questions? Call Bill Miller at (334)794-8362 or e-mail him at

Tuesday Feb. 27, 7 pm: Welcome to Beekeeping and Equipment Overview
Introduction to beekeeping, equipment needs and sources, and assembling equipment. This is a hand-on session, so bring a hammer!

Tuesday Mar. 6, 7 pm: The Individual Bees
The bees in a colony come in three basic types – worker, drone, and queen. We’ll discuss each type’s unique biology, life cycle, and functions.

Tuesday, March 13, 7 pm: The Hive and the Colony, and A Year in the Colony
We’ll discuss how the three types of bees form a working colony, and how a colony develops in its first year.

Tuesday, March 20, 7 pm: The Beekeeper's Year and Bee Diseases
We’ll cover Alabama registration requirements and common bee diseases. We’ll also discuss the beekeeper’s year and working a colony (classroom session).

Saturday, March 24 noon: Field Session with Farm Center Hives
(beekeeping protective gear required!)

We will meet at Extension Office, then go over to the Farm Center Apiary. We’ll suit up, light smokers, and inspect the hives, emphasizing proper hive working procedure. We’ll find the three types of bees and probably a few unwelcome pests too.

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Madison County Area

Practical Beekeeping Class 

 Anyone interested in becoming a beekeeper or that is just curious about honeybees and beekeeping is welcome to attend.    

This is a free class

The class is intentionally scheduled after the busy end of year holidays are over and the pace has slowed for most of us. January seems to be when most outside activities have slowed and the weather is more conducive to sitting inside a warm class room leaning about honeybees. It also gives time to order your honeybees and equipment, get it built, painted and be ready to start beekeeping in early March, which is the best time to start beekeeping

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2018 Class Schedule

First Session Thursday January 18, 2018
Second Session Thursday February 1, 2018

Class sessions typically run the full 3.5 hours including a 10 minute break.    Click here for additional information.

The class meets from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM in the auditorium at the Huntsville Public Library "main library" at:

915 Monroe St.

Huntsville, AL 35801

Phone: 256 532 5940

Click here for a map

This class is based on the DVD video series by Dir. Keith Delaplane entitled:
Honeybees and Beekeeping - A Year in the Life of an Apiary
Published by the University Of Georgia
This video is divided into 8 different segments each just under 30 minutes in length. All sessions can be viewed on line at:

The class includes basic beekeeping fundamentals as well as all activities required by a new beekeeper for one full year in the apiary. This class has traditionally been spread over 4 different sessions, at 2 week intervals.  At each session, one segment of the above video was shown followed by a PowerPoint discussion and expansion on the information included in the video, then a break followed by a repeat using the next sequential video segments.

However, due to limitations in the use of the library meeting room, we are now limited to only one room reservation per month. In order to get the class completed in time to start beekeeping in the class year, we have been forced to remove the video and consolidate the PowerPoint information into only 2 sessions.

Therefore it is suggested that all attending the class view half of the video segments, from online, before each class session.     

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Shelby County Area

Beginner Beekeeping Class

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Baldwin County Area

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Blount County Area

Beginning Beekeeping Class 

This is a free class

But we do ask that you join our organization if you take the classes. Yearly dues are only $10.

   Also check back here for the latest updates.

Blount County Beekeepers Association is hosting a beginning beekeeping class starting Monday, January 8th, 2018 at 6:30 PM.   The class is free to anyone interested in beekeeping and will run for 5 weeks.   We do ask that you join our organization if you take the classes.  Yearly dues are only $10.   If you are a new beekeeper or just thinking about keeping bees come join us and learn from seasoned beekeepers.   The class meets at the Cleveland Resource Center at:

62561 US Hwy 231

P.O. Box 188

Cleveland, AL 35049

Click here for a map

For more information contact Hal Hendrix at (205) 243-8424 or Jerry Carter at (205) 213-1673.

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Etowah County Area
Lookout Mountain Honey Bees

Beginner Beekeeping Class

The 2018 Beginning Beekeepers Class will start Thursday January 18th and will be held each week on Thursday nights through March 1st.   The field day will be March 10th.   The cost will be $135.00 single person or $175.00 per couple.   This includes books, folders, handouts, food and drinks each week, door prizes each week, grand prize of complete beehive kit, and field day cost.   If you are not a class student and just want to attend field day the cost is $50.00.   Anyone can attend field day.  Lunch, drinks, snacks, handouts will be provided for field day.   The class is limited to 20 people.   If you are interested in attending the class, please give us a call at 256-523-4767 to get on the list.  Also call 256-523-4767 for cllass times.

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Etowah County Area
Lookout Mountain Honey Bees

How to raise Queens Class

This is not a beginning beekeeping class.

Lookout Mountain Honey bees is offering a detailed class on How to raise Queens.   In this class you will learn how to select what equipment you need to use for raising Queens.   But not just equipment, you will learn how to select which hives you would raise Queens from and get experienced hands on grafting.   Maybe a chance to instrumentally inseminate a few Queens too.   You will learn how to set up a Queen yard as well as drone production hives since the Drones contribute 55% of the genetics of the Queens off spring.   The class is limited to 15 students it will be held April 20 & 21. Call David Kelton at 256-523-4767 or email to register and get hotel accommodations.

  The cost is $225 the fee covers books, hand outs, grafting equipment, two days lunch, snacks and drinks.   Call 256-523-4767 for class times.

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