Beekeeper of the Year for 2018

Each year the Alabama Beekeepers Association awards the honor of "Beekeeper of the Year" to the one Association members that has shown the most outstanding leadership and has made the most significant contribution to beekeeping in the state of Alabama.

Bonnie Funderburg was the 2018 recipient of the "Beekeeper of the Year" award.   Bonnie served as Treasurer and or Secretary/Treasurer of the ABA for 12 years.   She also manages (extremely well) the food program for both the convention and picnic.    She was also responsible for setting up "on-line credit card pay" for the annual convention.  Bonnie works in the bees with her husband (Lonnie) and runs the "non honey" side of the business (comedic, lip balm and the like).


Previous Beekeeper of the Year

The "Beekeeper Of The Year Award" was started by Jim Smith (the ABA president) in 1998.  It was awarded for 3 consecutive years and then discontinued until David Ellis (the ABA president) reactivated the award in 2010. The following members have received this award:

2018: Bonnie Funderburg
2017: Fred Harrison
2016: Lionel Evans
2015: Thomas Knightington
2014: O. j. Blount
2013: Phillip Garrison
2012: Bill Mullins
2011: Hugh Feagle
2010: Rex Aldridge
2009: Lonnie Funderburg
2002 through 2008: no award was given
2001: Edward Norman
2000: Bob Fanning
1999: Margie Smith

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