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The 2018 Conference will be held September 20 and 21, 2019 at the Clanton Conference and Performing Arts Center, 1850 Lay Dam Road Clanton, Alabama, 35045

The Performing Arts Center is a fantastic facility with a 600 seat auditorium, a 13,000 square feet exhibition hall, caterer kitchen, three classrooms, ample parking, suitable situation for live bees, and only 1.1 mile off I-65 at exit 212.

There will be topics for everyone whether you are an experienced beekeeper, beginning beekeeper, or non-beekeepers. There will be plenty to eat and plenty to do, plus the fellowship will be great.

The following suppliers will  be at the convention:

  • Alabanma Beekeepers Association - General ABA information, ABA caps and shirts
  • Rossman Apiaries - 1-800-333-7677 - Beekeeping Supplies
  • The Kelley Beekeeping Co., - 1-800 233-2899 Beekeeping Supplies
  • Dadant, High Springs - 1-888-922-1293 - Beekeeping Supplies
  • Mann Lake Ltd - 1-800-880-7694 - Beekeeping Supplies
  • Lookout Mountain Honeybees (Gadsden, AL) - 256 523-4767 - Beekeeping Supplies
  • Pigeon Mountain Trading - 706-638-1491- Beekeeping Supplies
  • Foxhound Bee Company - 205-607-2051 - Woodenware
  • Green Hives - 205-602-4301 - Hive beetle traps
  • Miller Bees Mfg.  - 731-695-6960  - Beetle Jail
  • Petals From the Past - 205-646-0069 - Bee friendly plants
  • The Tri-Bee - Skin care products
  • AU-Bees
  • Hive Butler
  • Honey Comb Hives
  • LeMay Enterprises
  • MJ Miller
  • OxaVap
  • Rock Bride Trees
  • Silveus Insurance Group
  • Tew Publishing
  • Wyatt Auctions
  • All of the above suppliers attendance have been confirmed, others may be added as plans develop.  If you would like to place an order with any of them for pickup at the convention, please go ahead and do so but first inquire as to whether or not they plan to attend.  If they had not, your inquiry might convince them to attend.

    This is a dynamic list so check back as convention date approaches for new additions.

    Orders placed with attending suppliers will be delivered to the convention with no shipping charge as such, however some supplier may add a small delivery charge.  Please check with individual suppliers regarding delivery charges.  Delivery charges are generally quiet a bargain when compared to "ship from the factory" charges.  Due to travel distance, some suppliers will be flying to the convention so they will not be able to bring merchandise that you order with them to the convention however they usually offer free shipping on all orders over $100.   Please verify this before placing your order.

    You must be there to pick up your order(s) or arrange to have someone pick them up for you. Place your orders timely and request delivery at the Alabama Beekeepers Association annual convention.  Their trucks and trailers fill up pretty fast and once full, no more orders can be taken from that supplier for the 2018 convention delivery so be sure and place your order as early as possible.   Check your normal delivery costs, it may be that your convention delivery savings will cover a significant portion of your convention related expenses!

    We will have our even larger honey show this year with a new line-up of judges: "Welsh Honey Judges Arthur English & Mary Cahill-Roberts.  Click here for the rules for items you can enter.

    The most important thing you can do is register early. We need to know how many are coming, how many to feed, how many chairs, how many name tags, etc. With an anticipated crowd of over four hundred, we cannot wait until the last minute. Please register as soon as possible. The fee for two days is $45 and for one day only is $25. If you register after September 12th, the fee will be $55 for two days and $30 for one day.

    Your registration fee will feed you both days, continental breakfasts; Friday lunch, Friday evening banquet, and Saturday lunch.

    We are looking forward to another great meeting and to seeing all of you there!

    Make your plans now to attend.

    You do not want to miss this meeting. We will have another “Beekeeper of the Year” award. The Beekeeper of the Year is recommended by the members and final selection will be made by the President with help as needed from the Board of Directors. So get your recommendations in to the President ASAP.

    There will be some fabulous door prizes with a total value of about $2,000. We will also have some great meals at this event.

    We normally have rooms blocked off and special deals worked with several local motels in the area. Please check back here for the latest deals as they are negotiated by the convention chairman and team. Click here for a list of motels (and campground) are conveniently located near the convention.

    Door Prizes

    There will be a main door prize this year as well as many more door prizes. The main prize at the 2017 convention was the 12 frame radial extractor shown to the right. The exact "top" prize has not been selected for the 2018 convention so please check back here for updates as the convention date approaches.
    Each paid attendant is awarded a single prize ticket.
    No additional prize tickets, as such, will be sold.

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