Nominating Committee Report

A recommended Slate of officers will be presented by the Nominating Committee at the 2017 convention business meeting.

Should you have someone in mind for a position on the board or as an officer please contact someone on the Nominating Committee. They are working hard to support the Association. Speaking of support, your nominations should be someone that will work for the Alabama Beekeepers Association. Someone willing to devote time for your organization. Give this some thought and contact the nominating committee with the name.

(Quote from Gerry Whitaker's article in the June 2016 issue of the Stinger)

The 2017 Nominating Committee Members are as follows.

Chairman: Jerry Carter

(205) 213-1673


Committee Members

Lionel Evans (North AL) (256) 431-4741
Lonie Funderburg (North Al.) ;
(205) 625-3464

Rickey Grace (Central AL)

(205) 221-3389

Kathy Coleman (Central AL)

334 541 3317 

Rebecca Fritschie (South AL)

(850) 512-6325

Rebekah Hargraves(South AL)

(865) 617-9935 

As usual, nominations for all offices and BOD positions can be made by any "dues paid up" member of the ABA from the floor at the convention.     Please, before you nominate anyone from the floor, discuss it with the person to be nominated and make sure they are willing to accept the nomination before you nominate them.    Surprise nominations can be embarrassing to the person being nominated and time consuming if not preplanned to some extent.


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